Personal Training

Exclusive 1on1 personal training is the most comprehensive service we offer. Personalised coaching through goal specific training and nutritional guidance that is tailored to your specific goals, wants and needs. Personal training is the fastest way to reach your goals as all sessions are designed specifically for YOU and YOUR GOAL.

30 minute personal training: $45

Flexible training times available, contact to arrange appointment.

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Small Group Training

Exclusive small group training is a fantastic opportunity to train with friends, coworkers and motivate eachother. All sessions are semi-personalised with the goal benefiting all individuals.

Corportate and team building groups are welcome.

YEP, we can come to you!

30 minute small group training: 
2 people: $30 per person
3 people: $25 per person
4 or more people: contact to arrange pricing.


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Group Fitness Classes

At You4ia Health & Active Living, we create a welcoming, energetic environment to train in. All of our classes are varied workouts catered for ALL fitness abilities.

Group fitness classes are a great way to meet new, like minded people in the community.

Class sizes vary from session to session.

Catered for ALL fitness levels!

45 minute group fitness class:
$31 per week unlimited group classes.
$20 casual visit


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Sporting Club Strength and Conditioning 

Exclusive sport specific group training that are tailored to athletes wants and needs.

Being passionate for all sports especially cricketer, I understand the biomechanics behind training athletes for their specific sport.

 At You4ia Health all our strength and conditioning sessions are designed specifically for athletes, utilising a science based training approach, giving them the competitive edge. 

All athlete levels welcome.

Contact us for more information and to arrange pricing.