Practical training for our emergency services with Jay Renkin & Bec Lawther

Welcome to episode 34 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week on the show I have power couple Jay Renkin and Bec Lawther. Jay and Bec have teamed up to create an amazing business called triple zero fit. Much like the name suggests, they are specialising in training for our emergency service first responders. Providing them with practical training ensuring they are able to be more efficient at their jobs. Alongside this, they are both extremely passionate about mental health and changing the stigma associated with this word. Dive right into this episode for more hidden gems.


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Debunking all plant based nutrition myths with Dietician Jacob McGinness

Welcome to episode 33 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s special guest is plant based dietician, Jacob McGinness. This man is a wealth of knowledge aiming to change the stigma associated with plant based nutrition. He provides a no BS approach to wellness giving people the cold hard facts about the plant based living. He answers all of the common questions you get asked as a vegan such as “where do you get your protein from?” and “what about your iron and b12?” He explains in depth the role a number of vitamins and minerals play in the body and provides us with foods that are rich in these minerals, helping us strive for longevity.

Jacob Is doing great things with the platform he has created, be sure to check him out via the links below and arrange a consultation.




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Your intuition is the only resource you'll ever need - Sam Asser

Welcome to episode 32 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s episode is incredible, I present to you Sam Asser who is a holistic health coach and the owner of Fast Way To Health. Sam is doing incredible things within the health and wellness community, in particular fasting. She is firm believer that giving your digestive system a day or two off once in a while, is the best thing you can do for your health. Sam is a very spiritual person and it is evident in todays episode when we open upa  can of worms and chat about intuition, law of attraction, connection and gratitude. I hope you had as many aghhh haaa moments as I did folks. 


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How to overcome a restrictive mindset when fueling your body with Ash Webber

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s special guest is nutritional medicine student and owner of Natch nutrition, Ash Webber.  Ash and I both have similar stories, falling into the restrictive, unsustainable culture that often gets promoted inside a gym environment. Ash chats about her struggles with this as well as her transition into a whole foods plant based diet and the impact it had on her life. Ash also chats with us about her meal prep service, Natch Nutriton and how she aims to change the stigma associated with plant based cooking. 


You can get in contact with Ash:


Instagram: @_awebs 

Instgaram: @natchnutrition

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40 Days of fasting for optimal health with Clint Facey

Welcome to episode 30 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This weeks special guest is well known Australian actor, Clint Facey. However, the purpose of our chat wasn’t to talk about his acting career. Our chat today is highlighting Clint health journey \, in particular talking about his setbacks after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. We also spoke about an incredible milestone he has just ticked off and that’s a 40 day fast. Yep 40 days without any solid food, searching for optimal health. Clint takes us through from day 1-20 drinking only water and day 20-40 drinking only cold pressed juice. 


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Matt Sipala answering all of your health and fitness questions

Welcome to episode 29 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This episode is a little bit different from usual episodes, as I won’t be interviewing anyone today. Yep that’s right, you’re stuck with me for the whole 30-45 minutes. This is a great episode as the questions came from you guys. I posted on social media a few weeks back asking you to send me through a list of questions you have regarding to health and fitness, well here they are. All answered to the best of my ability. 

If you have any further questions feel free to direct message me through social media or email them across.


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Challenging the stigma around cooking with plants with plant based chef Sam Nicks

Welcome to episode 28 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week I sat down with Samantha Nicks who is a plant-based chef striving to change the stigma around cooking with plants. She is silencing all the critics by producing some of the tastiest, nutritious meals, made from plants. Sam’s plant-based journey began for health reasons only and now dedicates her life to promoting the amazing benefits this lifestyle brings. This episode will sure to get those digestive enzymes in the mouth flowing when we dive right into specifics of food and how to extract the most flavour from plants.


You can get in contact with Sam via her 

Instagram: @sammynicks



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I ate only potatoes for a whole year to cure my addiction to food - Andrew 'Spud Fit' Taylor

Welcome to episode 27 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast, this week’s special guest is Andrew Taylor or more commonly known as ‘Spud Fit’. This man is an absolute weapon and is doing incredible things for not only the vegan community but for the general population. There was a time in his life where he was morbidly obese and completely addicted to food, causing him both emotional and physical stress. He aimed to remove the decision making out of eating by limiting his food choices to spuds and ultimately curing his bad relationship with food. Andrew lost a staggering 55kgs during this year, as well as resolving his addiction to food. He is a true inspiration and such a humble man, it was a pleasure being able to share his story with you all today.


You can get in contact with Andrew through his website or email address and you can find him on all social media platforms, including YouTube.



Instagram: spudfit 


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From 100kg at age 12 to 21 and thriving off plants - Matt Sipala's story

Welcome to episode 26 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week on the show I explain to you guys in detail my journey. This episode is one that’s close to my heart and a journey that I am extremely proud of. Many people may not know my journey and how I went from being an extremely overweight teenager, to an extremely passionate personal trainer and naturopathy student in the space of 8 years. I was unhappy, unhealthy, inactive and uneducated about the importance of quality nutrition, to top it off I was 12 years of age and weighing in at 100kg. I attempted many, many times to lose weight, all resulting in nothing but an unhealthy relationship with food. I explain my personal plant-based journey and how this amazing way of life has benefitted me, as well as any tips for anyone who is struggling with their transition or struggling with weight loss. I am extremely vulnerable in this episode, however, I am so excited to tell the world my story and hopefully inspire a few people in the process.

To connect with Matt:

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A whole foods plant based diet saved my life - Ben @fit_with_plants

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week I was lucky enough to connect with Ben from Fit With Plants over a zoom call. Ben is an absolute wealth of knowledge with over 16 years of experience in the industry as a personal trainer. Ben devotes his time to his new plant based home delivery meal service, providing the most wholesome, delicious and organic where possible plant based meals, direct to your door. Alongside being an awesome dude spreading an important message, his story is incredible and the journey he is on is one to watch.


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