The switch from go,go,go to slow,slow,slow with meditation teacher Scott Doughty


Welcome to episode 50 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s special guest is meditation guru Scott Doughty. Scott is an absolute wealth of knowledge and is the closest thing to a monk without actually being a monk. His voice is so calming and his whole demeaner is so calming. Scott lived and breathed the fast-paced corporate lifestyle for a number of years and thrived in that environment, however he knew that lifestyle was unsustainable for the rest of his life. He switched from go,go,go to slow,slow,slow and thus begun his meditation journey. He now utilises the power of slowing down to coach other corporate workers to find a sustainable balance in their job and whole life. Scott takes us through a guided meditation during the podcast which is an absolute nugget of gold. He is redefining the term success and he explains all during todays episode.


You can get in contact with Scott:

Instagram @scottradient


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