Reversing PCOS through a plant based diet with Steph Sanzaro


Welcome to episode 46 of The Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast  this week’s guest is none other than Steph Sanzaro a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle mentor from Geelong. Steph story is so captivating, and her journey is incredible. From a binge drinking teenager to a health-conscious lady absolutely crushing life. Steph has been through an awful lot through her childhood, but it has shaped her into the person she is today, she summed it up perfectly “everything happens for a reason and I have no regrets” She also battled with a condition that is so prevalent amongst teenage women these days and that’s polycystic ovaries syndrome. She shares her journey and how she combatted it through a wholefood plant-based diet. Steph aims to promote sustainability and longevity through everything she does and has big audacious goals for the future. 

You can get in contact with Steph and follow her journey through:

Instagram: @plantbasedbody__       (two underscores)


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