There's more to life than what you look like with Billie Asprey


Welcome to episode 48 of the Weekly Dose of you4ia podcast. This week’s special guest is an incredible individual and her name is Billie Asprey. Billie is dominating the health and wellness field by promoting sustainability through everything we do. She is a massive advocate for putting yourself first so you are able to give your 100% to help others. Billie has been through an incredible journey which has led her to be a master of multiple health fields. She is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, power lifting coach and exercise scientist. She is using her knowledge to help others be a healthier version of themselves.


Billie has some upcoming events that would be super beneficial for anyone that has resonated with what Billie has said in today’s episode. 


Finding strength workshop is a three - hour event in collaboration with recent podcast guests Kristy – Lee Brown & Kristy – Lee Leigh from Adventures Over Anxiety. The event is designed to decrease anxiety associated with a gym environment and providing people with a safe place to learn the fundamentals of lifting. This includes a take home program.


Beginner Barbell Club – is a workshop that begins on September 30thaiming to improve competency in free weight training with barbells. This is an eight week course and is suitable for all walks of life from beginners to advanced gym goers.



You can get in contact with Billie:

Instagram: @billieasprey


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