Lifestyle shifts to help mental illness with the team at Adventures Over Anxiety

Welcome to episode 45 of The Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This weeks incredible guests are Kristy - Lea brown who is the founder of the non for profit organisation - adventures over anxiety and Kristy - Lea Leigh who is her right hand woman and director of operations. Adventures over anxiety is a fantastic intuitive aiming to help people on their mental health journey through lifestyle choices. The main course of their initiate is monthly hikes, aiming to connect like minded individuals who are battling similar issues, they’re bringing the consciousness back to our modern day world. Now adventures over anxiety isn’t aiming to overtake medication or even discredit health professionals they are simply trying to bridge the gap between the two and offer a service that is easily accessible for the general population. These two have Big goals and amazing plans for the future and I have no doubt will succeed in this space.

If you are feeling like you need support there are organisations that can definitely help you through some tough situations. It’s not weak to speak. Here are the links below.


Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636

Lifeline – 13 11 14


you can get in contact with the team at adventures of anxiety:

Instagram: @adventuresoveranxiety

matthew sipala