From 100kg at age 12 to 21 and thriving off plants - Matt Sipala's story


Welcome to episode 26 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week on the show I explain to you guys in detail my journey. This episode is one that’s close to my heart and a journey that I am extremely proud of. Many people may not know my journey and how I went from being an extremely overweight teenager, to an extremely passionate personal trainer and naturopathy student in the space of 8 years. I was unhappy, unhealthy, inactive and uneducated about the importance of quality nutrition, to top it off I was 12 years of age and weighing in at 100kg. I attempted many, many times to lose weight, all resulting in nothing but an unhealthy relationship with food. I explain my personal plant-based journey and how this amazing way of life has benefitted me, as well as any tips for anyone who is struggling with their transition or struggling with weight loss. I am extremely vulnerable in this episode, however, I am so excited to tell the world my story and hopefully inspire a few people in the process.

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