Making your dream a reality with AFL premiership player Daniel Venables


Episode 19 of the podcast stars West Coast Eagles AFL premiership player Daniel Venables. Daniel who is a good friend of mine lived out his childhood dream last year when he won the Australian Football League most regarded team honour, the premiership. 

As well as being highly talented all round sportsman and a humble man, he is a very resilient hard working athlete who is always trying to give 110% to better his game.


In this episode we discussed:

-      Daniel’s upbringing and what life was like growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

-      Daniel’s journey representing Victoria for both cricket and football and the main reason behind him pursuing a career in the AFL.

-      Tips for youngsters who are striving to get the best out of their game.

-      Daniel’s gut renching experience being told he was making his AFL debut and then getting injured only minutes later.

-      The set up of an AFL club and how it works internally.

-      The life of an AFL footballer, training regimes, nutrition, physio appointments etc..

-      The importance nutrition plays in optimising your performance as an athlete.

-      Advice for any youngsters who are combating injury and how to change your mindset to see the positive in every situation.

-      A first hand experience of what it was like playing and winning a grand final in front of 100,000 + people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

-      The best bit of advice Daniel has received on his AFL journey thus far.

-      Tips for the youngsters on how to make their dream a reality.


I was honoured to be able to interview and train Daniel during his time in Melbourne before heading over to Perth to start pre season training in late November. Daniel is an incredible athlete with a great attitude and drive to be the best person he can be. 


Tune into the West Coast Eagles games this coming winter and watch Dan in action.


matthew sipala