Curing disease with food and eating for longevity with Tegan Steele

Welcome to episode 23 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week I was so fortunate to be able to catch up with Tegan Steele at her café Urban Projuice, in the heart of Albert Park. Urban Projuice is an amazing whole foods, plant based café that thrives on education and providing the community with incredibly delicious foods and drinks. Tegan is a busy woman who is spreading an amazing message through all the things she does daily. She is the owner of Urban Projuice, a personal trainer, the author of 365 days of wholeness, a yin yoga instructor, a beauty therapist, motivational speaker, a whole foods nutrition coach and runs wellness retreats. She is thriving in the space she has worked so hard to create and is such an inspirational person.


In this episode we discussed:

-      Tegan’s upbringing and what life was like for her growing up.

-      How Tegan’s café Urban Projuice opened and the main message behind it

-      The foods Tegan was consuming during her childhood.

-      How she finds time for all of her jobs.

-      Her stint modelling and the affects that this had on her body both emotionally and physically.

-      Her plant-based journey and her journey curing her IBS as well as curing her mother’s perforated bowel.

-      Her book 365 days of wholeness and where to buy.

-      How a plant based diet has changed her life and the positive affects it has had on her whole life.

-      Her job as a holistic health coach and how she educates her clients on taking control of their lives.

-      What her wellness retreats include and where to find more information about them.

-      Her sustainable and ethically sourced business Ocea, the products she sells and the main message behind the brand.

-      Her go to meal.

-      A day in the life of Tegan Steele.


Tegan is doing amazing things and spreading amazing messages through everything she is doing. She wears many different hats from day to day with all of her roles and responsibilities, however she is thriving in every aspect. If you would like to get in contact with Tegan or find more out some more information about her products and services her details are below:


Instagram: @tegansteele_official OR @oceabody





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