The story behind the 100% plant based, cruelty free and guilt free DIY dessert bar - Gojè Yarraville


Welcome to episode 5 of the ‘weekly dose of you4ia’ podcast. It was a pleasure sitting down with Jelena and Goran, the owners of one of the most iconic plant based dessert bars in Melbourne, known as Gojè (pronounced GO-JAY).

 Goran and Jelena have changed the way we look at dessert by revolutionizing the frozen yoghurt. They have taken a whole foods, plant based approach by designing a self serve frozen yoghurt bar that is 100% vegan! All of their amazing yoghurt as well as their delicious toppings are hand made on site from wholefoods, with no pre – mixes or syrups and made with organic ingredients where possible… too good to be true hey?


In this episode we cover:

  • Jelena and Goran’s background and how they started the empire known today as Gojè.

  • They spoke about their personal transition into veganism and how they transitioned their business completely plant based.

  • Tips on resilience and how to stick to your guns through difficult periods.

  • The process of making the frozen yoghurt and the ingredients they use to make it 100% plant based.

  • Their personal experience running a business together as a couple, and top tips on how to separate work from their personal relationship, to avoid conflict.

  • They touch on their eco friendly products, the breakdown process of these and how they personally are going above and beyond to reduce their footprint.

  • Jelena and Goran’s favourite vegan places to eat out and lucky for you guys I posted them below -
    - Particle café 
    - Very good falafel 
    - Moroccan soup bar 
    - Little deer tracks 
    - Red Sparrow pizza 
    - Healthy self co.
    - Pizza farrow 
    - Admiral Chang Ho

 Goran and Jelena are two of the kindest, compassionate and humble people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They are very passionate about making the world a better place and are doing amazing things, one peanut butter date roll at a time.

Definitely check these guys out at -
38 Anderson street Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia.

Or check out their amazing products on social media through..

Instagram – gojèyarraville

Facebook - gojeyarravile

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