Why more men are choosing yoga over alcohol and drugs to deal with their emotions


Welcome to episode 3 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. I sat down with one of my mentors and great mates Tyson Venables. Tyson is a personal trainer, crossfit coach, yoga instructor and all round awesome dude with a great story to tell. He is the owner of ‘bear strength fitness’ and is up to amazing things, listen in to find out more.

In this episode:
- We cover Tyson’s background, growing up and his transition from Sydney to Melbourne. He answered the historic question Melbourne or Sydney, and chose Melbourne based on the coffee.
- Tyson explains in depth the benefits of yoga, meditation and how it transformed his life.
- He gives us hot tips on how to take yoga off the mat incorporate yoga into our everyday lives.
- He shares with us an awesome breathing technique that is pure gold.
- Tys takes us through his background as an aspiring professional cross-fitter and his experience as a cross-fit coach. 
- He shares with us in depth, his history battling adrenal fatigue and the warning signs we should look out for. Us humans often think were invincible but we aren’t.
- He shares with us some of his upcoming projects, in particular his ‘Bear strength man camps’. Which are weekend camps for men including HIIT training, yoga, meditation, surfing, mountain biking and hiking. Tyson is also trying to break the stigma against men’s mental health and their unwillingness to talk about their emotions. He is teaching men that alcohol and drugs aren’t the way to deal with their mental problems.

I am loving everything that Tyson is up to in particular the Mens health retreats. Tyson is an inspirational person and is always open to chatting with anyone. You can find more about what Tyson is up to here:
Instagram – @Tysonven OR @Bearstrengthmancamps
Facebook – Tyson Venables 
Email – tyson@bearstrengthnfitness.com
Tysons blog – www.bearstrengthnfitness.com

Details for Tyson yoga classes:
Where: Cross-fit Balaclava – 16-20 Williams Street Balaclava.
Wednesdays 1:30pm – Midweek energising practice to help centre and give you the clarity to get through to the end of the week.
Sundays 10:30am – A slower, more rejuvenating practice with a meditation focus.
Cost of the classes are a very affordable $5.

Details for Amelia 
Instagram - amelia.schrader
Email – amealia.schrader@gmail.com
Axis Yoga School –

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