All things movement and rehabilitation


Welcome to the second episode of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. On todays show I caught up with Jean-Daniel Finta, a Myotherapist and operator of Dynamic Therapy.

In this episode:
- We cover Jean- Daniels or better known as ‘JD’ background, qualifications and what he does at Dynamic Therapy.
- JD explains in depth what Myotherapy is and the differences between physio, chrio and osteo.
- JD explains the services her offers at Dynamic therapy including: Dry needling, cupping and massage as well as the individualised benefits of these treatments.
- JD answers the common questions we ask our health care practictioners 
“ how long should we hold a stretch for?” ”Why should we warm up and cool down?” and many more..
- JD also provides us with hot tips on how to be more active and place a priority on movement, even with jobs that are predominately sedentary. 

I am loving everything JD is doing with Dynamic Therapy promoting sustainability and genuinely caring about his patients.
Book your free assessment with Dynamic Therapy or connect with JD at on Instagram at Dynamic.Therapy

matthew sipala