How to incorporate more FUN into our lives


Welcome to episode 1 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. On todays show I caught up with physical education teacher, personal trainer, business owner and entrepreneur, Dale Sidebottom.

Dale was in fact my year 11 and 12 teacher, now mentor and good mate. I absolutely love everything Dale stands for and is actioning to date and I am super excited to share his story with you all today.

In this episode:
- We cover Dales background and what got him to where he is today. 
- We expose top tips on how to incorporate FUN into our lives and the importance of setting time to ‘play’. 
- Dale shares with us his morning routine and how he believes is the key to dominating the day. 
- Dale also shares with us his tips on turning an idea into a hobbie, then into a business.

Dale has been a huge mentor to me from high school onwards and is such an influential and inspiring person. If you would like to find out more about the awesome things Dale is up too, including:
- Game based bootcamp and personal training - Instagram: @bottomsupfitness
- Health and lifestyle applications on the app store ‘Dale Sidebottom’ in the search bar.
- Fitness retreats in Bali - Instagram: @fhlretreats
- ‘FUN’ workshops for teachers - Instagram: @energeticeducation

Or contact dale directly
Instagram: @dalesidebottom
email: and click ‘contact us’.

matthew sipala