“Balance saved my life” with Dietitian and former tri - athlete Amy Giannotti


Welcome to episode 16 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia podcast. This week on the podcast I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Dietician, personal trainer, yoga teacher, strength and conditioning coach, running coach and former tri-athlete Amy Giannotti. Amy has such an amazing story and her journey will leave you speechless. Her obsession with exercise and in particular her mindset neglecting the warning signs her body gave her, caused her to not have her period for over 5 years. It was fitting that the day before we recorded this episode Amy’s started to see the results for all the hard work she had been putting in. I am so excited to share her story with you all.


In this episode we discuss:

-      Amy’s upbringing and the pivotal life event that influenced her to go down the health and wellness path. 

-      Amy’s experience as a professional tri-athlete, qualifying to represent Australia.

-      Amy’s horrific dream that caused her to detour her life goal.

-      Her personal experience as a dietician, running coach and personal trainer.

-      Her personal battle with overtraining and exercise obsession.

-      What a bad relationship with food looks like and her personal journey.

-      Warning signs to look out for and how to fix a bad relationship with food.

-      What a week of training would typically look like for overtraining Amy.

-      The affect overtraining and restrictive eating has on people’s lives and her personal journey battling this.

-      The power of meditation and how it changed her life.

-      Amy breaks down calorie counting and where it fits in for the general population.

-      Her personal journey battling Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and how not having her period for over 5 years due to overtraining impacted her life.

-      Her personal journey fixing this condition and how she battled the voice inside her head.

-      The amazing things she is doing with Totem retreats.

-      Amy’s main message and how she aims to educate and inspires others to not make the same mistakes as her.


The meditation app that Amy recommends using:

-      Insight timer 


Amy’s story is both touching and inspiring. This episode really resonates with me as I battled my own form of overtraining and obsession with exercise. Knowing first hand how damaging this mindset can be really made me appreciate the interview with Amy. She has transformed her life and is spreading such a positive message to everyone in the community, in particular the vulnerable students in years 9 – 12.  


Amy is always open to a chat and answers any questions that you may have regarding nutrition or exercise, If you want to get in contact with Amy you can find her on…

Instagram – amyleegiannotti

Or email: 


matthew sipala