How to become one with your body and your mind - with Jade Dowsett


Welcome to episode 12 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. This week’s episode is a little bit left field in relation to nutrition or movement, however, I believe that everyone can learn a thing or two from this episode. I spoke with Jade Dowsett who an amazing intuitive person is who is challenging the status quo.

In this episode we spoke about:

  • Jades background and the life event which influenced her to challenge life’s’ purpose.

  • What Intuition is and how to connect with it.

  • The benefits of reading books and the power of journaling.

  • How switching her mindset changed her life.

  • How to combat a difficult situation through meditation or the age old advice ‘just sleep on it’ can help.

  • The law of attraction and how to attract positivity in your life.

  • What manifestation is and how to utilize it to reach your goals.

  • Tips on goal setting and how to broaden your focus to assist you on your journey.

  • Tips for authors on how to enhance their writing.


Some resources to broaden your knowledge that Jade recommends are:

The universe – Gabreille burnsteen - Author

Law of attraction and manifestation – Aaron Daughtry – Podcast and Youtube

A great book Jade recommends reading is called - The alchemist.

Jade is such an amazing person who has opened her mind into the world of the unknown. She is constantly evolving herself and the people around her into better versions of themselves and I was so grateful to be able to pick her brain.

Jade is always open for a chat and you can connect with her as well as follow her journey on Instagram @jadedowsett or @tornadodowsett.

matthew sipala