Showing vulnerability & creating meaningful connections with Sophie Van Der Kelen


Welcome to episode 15 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of sitting down and gaining an insight into Sophie Vanderkelen AKA superwoman. Sophie is the regional manager of Lululemon a group trainer at F45 and has an amazing story. Sophie is such an amazing person, juggling an enormous workload and still having the ability to educate and empower the others around her is nothing short of amazing. 


In this episode we spoke about:

-      What life was like for Sophie growing up and the life events that shaped her into the person she is today.

-      What lululemon is and her roles and responsibilities being the regional manager of this great brand.

-      The amazing opportunities that her role at lulu has given her and how it has enabled her to develop and grow both in her role and life in general.

-      How working at the company has enabled her to think about things differently.

-      The power in vulnerability and how to be good at being vulnerable.

-      How to be good at understanding.

-      How to push the people around you to be the best version of themselves.

-      How to make meaningful connections and the benefits of connecting with different people.

-      Tips on how to step out of your comfort zone and create meaningful connections.

-      Balance and how Sophie maintains balance through her hectic schedule, including the wholesome plant based food’s she fuels her body with.

-      9 hard hitting questions that are definitely worth the listen.


Having the ability to create meaningful connections has changed my life and enabled me to thrive in day to day life. Sophie is definitely thriving and making meaningful connections is the nucleus of her life. Like her life mission, she is definitely believing in her potential and grasping her opportunities to be the best version of herself.


Sophie has an amazing story and is always down for a chat,  you can connect with Sophie on…


Instagram - sophvdk

F45 ascot vale – 393 Mt Alexander Rd Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia

Lululemon – Drop in to your local store and ask for Sophie.

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