Talking injury prevention, management and rehabilitation with physiotherapist Symon Lovett


Welcome to episode 14 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of picking Symon Lovett’s brain. Symon is a physiotherapist specializing in acute and subacute injury management from diagnosis to return to training He is a wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure diving right into some of the more common injuries he sees as a physio, and how he would treat them.


In this episode we discuss:

-      Symons background and childhood.

-      Symons sporting background and ambitions to play professional lacrosse.

-      His injury history and how that ignited the spark to go down the physiotherapy route.

-      We dive right into ACL rehabilitation and management as well as how Symon would treat the injury pre and post op and exercises to strengthen and avoid ever experiencing this.

-      We also dive right into rehabilitation of a rolled ankle, and Symons method for treating this injury as well as exercises strengthen and avoid ever experiencing this.

-      We chat in depth about a more common postural issue that more and more people are experiencing nowadays, which is kyphosis or rounding of the shoulders. Symon chats to us what happens when our shoulders are kyphotic, how to test if you have kyphosis and exercises and postural alignments to fix the issue.

-      Symon shares with us his top tips for warming up and cooling down and why its so important.

-      Symon also explains how essential it is to self educated and find credible sources to broaden your knowledge, both as a fitness professional and as an everyday person.


Simons experience and knowledge base is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed picking his brain in this weeks episode

You can contact Symon at -

Physio Health in Essendon

224 Keilor Road North Essendon, 3041 

P: 93793716



you can also find Symon on Instagram: @SymonLovett

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