From paralysis to marathon in 7 months with Doug Den Mulder


Welcome to episode 13 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. This week on the podcast I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Doug Den Mulders story. I met Doug and his wife Nadine when I was working at Particle Café and we instantly connected. Both of their bold South African accents make it a pleasure listening to what they have to say.


Doug may seem like an everyday person, but this man’s story is so inspirational and no matter what life throws at Doug he takes it in his stride and adapts his life to it.


In this episode we spoke about:

-      Doug’s upbringing in South Africa and his amazing story of their transition to Australia.

-      Doug’s horrific experience having his house broken into and his immediate reactions after.

-      His amazing resilience and willingness to succeed through the toughest of times.

-      Doug’s personal transition from a heavily animal based (bro science diet) into a plant-based diet and how he is thriving from it.

-      The story behind his horrific incident at Bounce that changed his life forever.

-      How he adapted his mindset to find a positive in even the darkest situations.

-      Tips on how to adapt your mindset to find the positive in everything.

-      How he placed a huge emphasis on nailing his nutrition during his recovery, letting food be his medicine. 

-      The main message he is trying to preach and how he aims to influence the lives of as many people as possible.



Resources they used to help with their transition into a plant-based diet 


-      Cowspiracy 

-      What the health 

-      Fat, sick and dead


-      Gary Eurovski 


-      James Aspey 

-      Particle cinnamon


For anyone wanting Doug’s tattoo artist – Avalon Todaro - The grand illusion, Melbourne.


Doug is a humble, compassionate, being and always makes time to help others with whatever their issues may be. The way he conducts himself is nothing short of amazing and the impact he has had on my life without knowing it is huge.


You can connect with Doug and follow his journey on Instagram or Facebook

Doug Den Mulder – Facebook 

Dig_Dug - Instagram

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