How to thrive as an athlete from a plant based diet with Joel Kirkilis


Welcome to episode 6 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia’ Podcast. It was an honor sitting down with Joel Kirkillis, a plant based athlete animal activist and one of the humble human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Joel has been an amazing mentor for me through all avenues in my life including my training and transition into a plant based lifestyle. He is an inspiration to many and it is evident in this weeks episode.


Joel has an amazing story and a prolific bodybuilding career proving that you can thrive as an athlete on a plant based diet. Joel has competed in 13 body building competitions so far and has podium placed in all of them and won 4, all as a vegetarian and plant based athlete. Joel also has an abundance of knowledge around the area of supplementation, nutrition and movement. He is a certified cross-fit coach and currently completing a bachelor in osteopathy along with a certificate 3 and 4 in fitness (Personal Training). However most of his knowledge came from self education.


In this episode we cover:

  • Joel’s upbringing and aspirations to play professional soccer.

  • His 13thyear history as a vegan and how he has thrived and is still thriving as an athlete.

  • His prolific history with bodybuilding and nutrition and training tips for any aspiring plant based bodybuilders.

  • The common question all vegans get asked “Where he gets his protein from”

  • Joel’s current diet and how he is proving that any athletes can thrive off a plant based diet.

  • His journey as an animal activist and Joel paints the picture of what its like as a truck full of pigs or animals arrive into the slaughter house.

  • His current training regime and ambitions to make the cross-fit games as a master.

  • How carbs are not the enemy and how we need these in our diets for optimal health and performance.

  • His personal experience pushing his body to its limits and tips on how to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Joel is an incredible athlete and human and has an amazing story, and is living into his mission of being a great person and a great athlete without harming any living beings.

You can follow Joel’s journey and get in contact with him on…

Instagram – joel_kirks

Facebook – Joel Kirkillis


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