The power of slowing down with Kristy Lea Brown

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Welcome to epsidoe 10 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast’, This week I was fortunate enough to chat with Kristy-Lea Brown. Kristy is more than a personal trainer, she is an avid women’s health and self-love advocate and dedicates her time to bettering the lives of as many people as she possibly can.


Kristy has an incredible journey and has experienced a diverse range of jobs which have shaped her into the trainer and person she is today. 


In this episode we cover:

-      Kristy’s journey into personal training and how her experiences have shaped who she is today.

-      Why Kristy is so passionate about a holistic approach to health and wellness and why it is important, to not only crush your goals but to better your journey.

-      How to broaden your focus to make long term changes and achieve your goals.

-      The importance of listening to your body and how to really connect with yourself. 

-      The importance of slowing down from our manic lifestyles, and how to do it.

-      The role self love and self care plays in our lives and why we should emphasise this before making any drastic lifestyle changes. 

-      What Kristy is doing with ‘Adventures Over Anxiety’ , why nature is so important a how setting aside time to connect with nature has impacted her life.

-      tips for people on how to settle nerves while public speaking.


A great book Kristy recommends for anyone who is having trouble coming to terms with anxiety and a great resource in combatting it, is‘ Make the beast beautiful’ by Sarah Wilson.


I was so absorbed into this conversation I forgot I had to ask the questions. The motives behind every one of Kristy’s projects come from a place of love and truly wanting to better peoples lives. 


You can connect with and follow Kristy-Lea’s journey on Instagram @kristyleabrown 


Connect with Kristy and the team at their next hike - Details on Instagram @adventuresoveranxiety


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