Life after 60 days of silent meditation with Nick Elisseos


Episode 9 of the ‘Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast’ features international yoga instructor, Nick Elisseos. This man is one of the calmest, coolest operators I’ve ever connected with. Nick has accomplished many amazing things in his life including a 60 day silent meditation retreat with the monks in Burma. Nick is such an amazing person and his outlook on life is truly amazing.



In the episode we cover:

-      The true definition of yoga and Nick’s journey with it.

-      Nicks amazing journey travelling teaching yoga and the way yoga has impacted his life.

-      The benefits of yoga, meditation and living in the moment.

-      Tips on how to remain present and connect with your breath.

-      Tips on how to make the most of everyday.

-      Tips for yoga instructors on how to better their practice and get the bets out of their guests.

-      Nick’s experience in Burma meditating silently for 60 days and how it transformed his mindset and outlook on life.

-      Try yoga from the comfort of your own home using these resources – alo moves, yoga international and type yoga into youtube.


Nick has truly grasped the connection between his mind and his body and just one interaction with this great man will challenge you to think differently.


You Connect with Nick and follow his journey on..

Instagram: @Nickelisseos


Or attend one of Nick’s classes at Remedy Yoga Studio at 15 Hallkeeper lane, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039.

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