Changing the world one handbag at a time with Linda Weatherlake


Welcome to episode 7 of the ‘weekly dose of you4ia’ podcast. I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Linda Weatherlake, Owner and operator of Neena which is a completely vegan and cruelty free boutique.


Linda is doing amazing things in the fashion industry by offering luxurious, trendy and ethicalally sourced products, without any cruelty what so ever and are 100% vegan. sell a range of different products including vegan leather wallets, handbags, watches, cosmetics and shoes.


In this episode we spoke about:

-      Linda’s childhood and what life was like being a vegetarian from age 6.

-      The distinct difference between being ‘vegan’ and being ‘plant based’.

-      Why its important to surround yourself with like minded people and how important it is for growth and self development.

-      Exposing some of the horrific things that are going on in modern day fashion and cosmetics, as well as explaining what leather is.

-      What Linda is doing with Neena and how the products and materials are ethically sourced and are 100% cruelty free.

-      Tips on how to shop cruelty free and be aware of the processes used to get that product to what it is today.

-      The common stereotype surrounding the word ‘Vegan’ and how to combat it.

Linda is doing an amazing job with Linda and changing modern day fashion for the better.

She is super passionate about making the world a better place and showing us that we can thrive whilst living a cruelty free lifestyle.

You can follow Linda’s journey and shop all of her amazing products on…
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