The link between an animal based diet and chronic disease with Dr Andrew Little
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Welcome to episode 51 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. I am thrilled to be able to share this week’s special guest with you all and that’s none other than Dr. Andrew Little. Andrew is an anaesthetist in the sunny capital of Australia, the gold coast. Dr. Andrew explains in depth, the im[act that an animal based diet can have on our health. He breaks dwon the leading causes of death in modern day society and it is alarming that they are all preventable… Andrew also debunks a common myth in the plant based scene surrounding the upbringing of children on a plant based diet and provides us with useful tips on what and what not to do. He is doing incredible things with the platform he has created and aims to educate and inspire people to take the leap into a whole foods plant based diet for not only our health but the health of our planet. 


You can get in contact with Dr. Andrew Little through the links below:



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The switch from go,go,go to slow,slow,slow with meditation teacher Scott Doughty

Welcome to episode 50 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s special guest is meditation guru Scott Doughty. Scott is an absolute wealth of knowledge and is the closest thing to a monk without actually being a monk. His voice is so calming and his whole demeaner is so calming. Scott lived and breathed the fast-paced corporate lifestyle for a number of years and thrived in that environment, however he knew that lifestyle was unsustainable for the rest of his life. He switched from go,go,go to slow,slow,slow and thus begun his meditation journey. He now utilises the power of slowing down to coach other corporate workers to find a sustainable balance in their job and whole life. Scott takes us through a guided meditation during the podcast which is an absolute nugget of gold. He is redefining the term success and he explains all during todays episode.


You can get in contact with Scott:

Instagram @scottradient


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Setting performance goals to make sustainable progress with Hayden Crossly

Welcome to episode 49 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia podcast. This week’s special guest is high performance personal trainer, Hayden Crossley. Hayden is an absolute wealth of knowledge about all things health and wellness and sustainability through these pillars. Hayden has merged his passion for movement and educating to be a physical education teacher as well as a coach for performance driven athletes to help them crush their goals. Hayden bleeds passion and is doing a great job in promoting sustainability and longevity with movement. 


You can get in contact with Hayden:


Instagram: @hvcfit & @hvctraining



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There's more to life than what you look like with Billie Asprey

Welcome to episode 48 of the Weekly Dose of you4ia podcast. This week’s special guest is an incredible individual and her name is Billie Asprey. Billie is dominating the health and wellness field by promoting sustainability through everything we do. She is a massive advocate for putting yourself first so you are able to give your 100% to help others. Billie has been through an incredible journey which has led her to be a master of multiple health fields. She is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, power lifting coach and exercise scientist. She is using her knowledge to help others be a healthier version of themselves.


Billie has some upcoming events that would be super beneficial for anyone that has resonated with what Billie has said in today’s episode. 


Finding strength workshop is a three - hour event in collaboration with recent podcast guests Kristy – Lee Brown & Kristy – Lee Leigh from Adventures Over Anxiety. The event is designed to decrease anxiety associated with a gym environment and providing people with a safe place to learn the fundamentals of lifting. This includes a take home program.


Beginner Barbell Club – is a workshop that begins on September 30thaiming to improve competency in free weight training with barbells. This is an eight week course and is suitable for all walks of life from beginners to advanced gym goers.



You can get in contact with Billie:

Instagram: @billieasprey


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Resistance training for longevity with Daniel Pitisano

Welcome to episode 47 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This week’s special guest is movement guru Daniel Pitisano from Primal Personal Training. Daniel is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute technique and movement specialist when it comes to strength training. Daniel provides us with key information on how to move you body in ways you can enjoy and breaks down why movement is so important. Daniel has had 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and has developed an enormous tool kit of resources to assist you in reaching your goals.


You can get into contact with Daniel through Instagram:




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Reversing PCOS through a plant based diet with Steph Sanzaro

Welcome to episode 46 of The Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast  this week’s guest is none other than Steph Sanzaro a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle mentor from Geelong. Steph story is so captivating, and her journey is incredible. From a binge drinking teenager to a health-conscious lady absolutely crushing life. Steph has been through an awful lot through her childhood, but it has shaped her into the person she is today, she summed it up perfectly “everything happens for a reason and I have no regrets” She also battled with a condition that is so prevalent amongst teenage women these days and that’s polycystic ovaries syndrome. She shares her journey and how she combatted it through a wholefood plant-based diet. Steph aims to promote sustainability and longevity through everything she does and has big audacious goals for the future. 

You can get in contact with Steph and follow her journey through:

Instagram: @plantbasedbody__       (two underscores)


Podcast: plant based body

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Lifestyle shifts to help mental illness with the team at Adventures Over Anxiety

Welcome to episode 45 of The Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This weeks incredible guests are Kristy - Lea brown who is the founder of the non for profit organisation - adventures over anxiety and Kristy - Lea Leigh who is her right hand woman and director of operations. Adventures over anxiety is a fantastic intuitive aiming to help people on their mental health journey through lifestyle choices. The main course of their initiate is monthly hikes, aiming to connect like minded individuals who are battling similar issues, they’re bringing the consciousness back to our modern day world. Now adventures over anxiety isn’t aiming to overtake medication or even discredit health professionals they are simply trying to bridge the gap between the two and offer a service that is easily accessible for the general population. These two have Big goals and amazing plans for the future and I have no doubt will succeed in this space.

If you are feeling like you need support there are organisations that can definitely help you through some tough situations. It’s not weak to speak. Here are the links below.


Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636

Lifeline – 13 11 14


you can get in contact with the team at adventures of anxiety:

Instagram: @adventuresoveranxiety

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"How do you want to feel" with author Kelly Doell

Welcome to episode 44 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast. This weeks special guest is Kelly Doell who is an absolute guru in the health and wellness space. Kelly is the author of ‘Feel like it’ and is resaping the way we approach fitness. He is challenging people to ask themselves what they truly want to feel when moving their body and helping them create a sustainable prpgram that lasts a lifetime. I absolutely love your work Kelly.


Kelly has offered a free chapter of his book for you guys if you follow the link below:

Free chapter:

Book info:

Instagram: @kelly.doell


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The power inside the crystals with Eva Cangarova

Welcome to episode 43 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia podcast with special guest Eva Cangarova. This week we dive into the power of crystal healing and the amazing benefits these magical rocks possess. Eva takes us thorugh her journey into crystal healing and opening up Zalah crystals with her partner Jason.


You can get in contact with Eva on Instagram:



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All the tools to create your best decade with two time author Ryan Fahey

Welcome to episode 42 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast, joining me this week is 2 time author, wellness educator and physical education teacher over in Canada, Ryan Fahey. Ryan is an incredibly influential individual who educates and inspires people everyday to create long lasting memories and dominate life. 


You can get in contact with Ryan through Instagram or purchase his books through amazon.


Instagram – @wellnessrf88 or @faheyconsulting 

Books – thought leadership & your best decade 

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