About You4ia Health & Active Living...

You4ia Health & Active Living was inspired by Matt's vision to generate happiness through movement. Here at You4ia Health we offer an alternative style to exercise, through game based fitness and by creating an environment where FUN is the main priority. We believe that when your having FUN everything else takes care of itself.


At You4ia Health we pride ourselves on sustainability and making changes that last a lifetime.  


From personal training to corporate groups, Check out what we offer to find a training approach that suits you.


My Journey…

Left picture: For 15 years of my life this was me. Unhappy, unhealthy, inactive and uneducated on the importance of exercise and good nutrition.

Right picture: This has been my life for the past 5 years. Super happy, healthy, highly active and well educated on the importance of nutrition and exercise and how our bodies respond physically and mentally.

Through personal experience, guidance from various people and self education, I now understand the importance of balance and sustainability and the role it plays in achieving your goals, especially weight loss.
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At You4ia Health & Active Living, we create a welcoming, energetic environment and our bootcamps are action packed! Our classes are catered for individuals of all fitness levels and is a great way to meet new people in the community.